Syrian Rebels Facing Starvation as Resources Dwindle

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In an article posted by the Washington Post on Thursday, author Liz Sly argues that with support waning for the rebel forces in Syria, they are being forced to retreat and resort to guerrilla warfare tactics in order to survive. Resources are running out. While they have plenty of money remaining to purchase more ammunition, the nature of their fight is making it increasingly difficult to purchase ammunition as sources tighten. The amount of violence in Syria has been escalating dramatically over the past few months, and the army defectors and civilians that make up the Free Syrian Army are finding that international support has not been as fervent as they had hoped. Many countries that had once been ample suppliers of ammunition and weapons for the rebel army are now tightening their borders and limiting what can get into the troubled country. In addition, rebel fighters are finding that they cannot get enough food to sustain their members and fear that they will begin starving to death soon if no one intervenes in this situation.
The author makes a fact claim in this article that without more food and ammunition, that this demonstration of defiance against the Syrian government is not sustainable. She uses evidence about the Turkish, Lebanese and other countries that border Syria pulling away from the rebel army and refusing support for their efforts. Turkey is becoming a refuge for those who make it out of the country, but no one seems to be providing the much needed support in order for this effort to continue on a major scale. They are creating widespread attacks much less and instead resorting to road side bombings and other methods to attack the Syrian army and government without as much ammunition. She does not make any value claims about whether people should help the rebels, but she seems to make a sympathetic picture about their not difficult lives and their imminent deaths if they do not receive more food and ammunition soon.

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