Trayvon Martin Death Spotlights Neighborhood Watch Groups

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In this article it tells of the huge protesting that has begun after the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin was shot and killed while walking home by Mr. Zimmerman (the appointed neighborhood watchman). Mr. Zimmerman claims that it was self-defense under the Florida law, but Trayvon Martin was unarmed and only carrying a bag of Skittles and a bottle of iced tea. Many people all over our country is outraged at what has happened and Mr. Zimmerman was not charged at all. Mr. Zimmerman's role is to "watch" the neighborhood and not pursue the person he believes is "suspicious." Wendy Dorival is a volunteer coordinator of a police department, she was the person to set up the neighborhood watch in Mr. Zimmerman's neighborhood. She has received much scrutiny from the community and country for her role as to appoint Zimmerman as the head watchman. She claims they don't praise people to take matters into their own hands and should call the police if they see someone suspicious.

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