4/20: Voter ID Debate

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I think that the pro-voter id won. They had solid arguments and I choose to side with them because of that, as well as, the errors and confusion in the other teams arguments.

The opposing team stated that voter fraud is a non-common occurrence and that we already have laws in place. But, I do not agree with this argument because it is not a sound argument. Just because there is not a lot of convictions at this point does not mean there is no crime, and because we already have laws does not mean they are working or enough.

They also gave estimated costs to give ids for free, but that is only estimated and small in comparison to other spending budgets, and there was no context given to these numbers.

They also argued that this law would effected 200 million seniors, minority, students. But as the other team mentioned you need an id for medicare, social security, welfare, government housing, foodstamps, to do banking, to apply for school, certain jobs, rent a book at the library, buy alcohol, attend events. So who exactly are we debating about? Who really doesn't have an I.D.? and if the goverment is providing it for free to these people, then they would be able to capitalize on all the benefits, with no cost. The people that would not be able to obtain these IDs are undocumented citizens, and those who probably wouldn't be voting in the first place.

The pro voter id side said that 80% (on average) in Minnesota are in favor of voter id. I think that this is because voters want to know that only citizens of the United States are choosing our representative lawfully, and it is our responsibility to make sure that this is the case.

The opposing side said that only 55 people are in favor of voter id, this reduced the credibility of their case, because whether or not they meant to say percentage, they said 55 people, and that is false.

Just because we already have laws to punish voter fraud does not mean this is enough or complete. It is hard to convict for voter fraud because of the sheer number of votes. As our country evolves into a mix of undocumented citizens and citizens we need to evolve our laws to ensure that only those abiding by the law, and paying taxes, are being able to vote on those issues.

The opposing team also said that the felons voting would not effect election result- but already claimed elections were so close we need these unidentified. This also lessened their credibility in my eyes.

-Alex Mountain

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