A Man, A Woman. Just Friends?

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In this opinion piece by William Deresiewicz, Deresiewicz entails what it means for men and women to be friends, and how its more a political issue than you'd think.

He starts by giving some background, like how male/female friendships in western culture is relatively new (considering our long evolutionary history). Men and women used to occupy entirely different spheres, the work place, the home, school, etc, etc, and we seen and inferior...and therefore friendships rarely came about.

However, male/female friendships have become more frequent with the growing feminist movement, as William claims, it has brought women into the same spheres as men, and made all equal.

He does however, point out how media and society still rebel slightly against this idea that men and women can be friends...as we normally see movies in which male/female friendships always turn out to be more to one or the other, or both. As well as in reality, in which Deresiewicz points out even friendships between males or between females is suspect, such as Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.

-Jenna Peneueta-Snyder

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