Dodgers New Era off to a bad start (Alex Davis)

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The major league baseball team known as the Los Angeles Dodgers has not had the best seasons as of late. They have recently been dealing for new ownership and they got it. Magic Johnson who was also a professional athlete and played for the Los Angeles Lakers now shares in the ownership of the Dodgers. At the home opener Johnson was seen sitting with the old owner, who practically destroyed the organization. There is specualtion as to why Johnson would be photographed sitting next to the old owner Frank McCourt. Some claims made about Magic Johnson and his choices are that he is supposed to be the face of Dodgers, so why would he be seen with the person who is no good. Magic Johnsons is none the less a great athlete, and sports icon, but his judgement as a baseball executive is very suspect. Other claims are that the people who he is been seen with are bad news when it comes to running an orginaztion. Assumptions are made and the opinions of the people are that he needs to let go of the past and take control of the dodgers with out being influenced by people who do not have good intentions.,0,2527109.column (Alex Davis)

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