Immigration and Emigration

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article This is about the current immigrant situation in America. The article takes the stance that immigration is a good thing and it uses a tone that supports illegal immigration as well. There are lots of policy claims that use legal situations and events as support. Also, there are some logic claims and MANY appeals to emotion. This is almost used when talking about legal and illegal immigration. They mainly talk about the climate, however, and don't try to outright convince us whether its good or not, the convince us more so that it is going to be an important issue in elections to come. They cite evidence but many claims aren't warranted because it is a hot button issue that doesn't need much warranting. It is current and the context is such that not much needs to be explained. Sometimes grounds aren't even given for claims but thats because they are widely believed facts. I don't know if I agree with all their stances, but they do a good jun convincing us to at least think of it from their perspective.

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