Mitt Romney's flip-flop on stay-at-home moms: Will it matter?

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This article details the recent soundbite that came to the media's attention over the weekend involving presidential candidate Mitt Romney discussing stay-at-home mothers. While speaking in New Hampshire, Romney said that mothers should work and send children to day care, even if it comes at an expense to the state. His reasoning for these remarks was that he wanted people to experience the 'dignity' of work. This argument is hypocritical however, because a few years ago he praised his wife for the work she has done as a stay-at-home mother of their children and admitted that she hadn't worked a day in her life. This hypocrisy presents a problem in his argument as it shows that his opinions on the matter are inconsistent.

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The issue for the stay-at-home mothers is a problematic one. Every mother should make her own choice- I, personally, think that there is nothing wrong to work from home, this will bring you back the professional satisafction which you might have lacked lately. Removals

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