Nine suspected illegal immigrants killed in Texas crash...

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On Wednesday, nine people, all believed to be illegal immigrants, were killed in a late night accident in southern Texas. Coyotes, as human smugglers are known to overload vehicles with illegal immigrants to spirit them from border areas to inland cities where they move on to destinations throughout the United States. Frequently driven at high speed to outrun law enforcement, the vehicles are top heavy and roll easily. Which explains why this happened to this van carrying 19 people in it on Wednesday.
The ethos or credibility in this article is fairly normal for this type of a story in the news. Typically as the author of an article of this style you want there to be direct quotes from a police officer or an eyewitness to the scene. The eyewitness in this story causes the story to take a slight twist in my opinion. The beginning of the article is simply information claims and as accurate of a story as they know at the time. Then what seems like out of no where they pull out this name, Dianna Castillo, who is only twenty three years of age, "stood in front of her home near the wreck on Wednesday morning." She said this to the reporter, "The bodies were everywhere," Castillo said. "I wanted to cry because it's really sad because they came over here to live a better life and then they lost their lives." Immediately I got this sense that the author or reporter that put this article together wanted to make sure she was painting these illegal immigrants in a good light. Who knows maybe they were coming up here to find a better life for themselves, or maybe they were coming in for other reasons.
I guess my point in saying all of this is, is that if the reporter had interviewed an eyewitness that had replied in a negative or racist way, would he or she have added that in this news report? I do not think they would have, can you imagine the response they would have gotten from their readers if they would have? Instead they chose to put this remark and slightly slip their argument in there with out really making it an argumentative piece. You can say that I am making accusation, or coming to a hasty conclusion about this article, but I am just stating my opinion as I see it.

-Anna Srock

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