Reebok settles with Nike, agrees to recall Tebow T-shirts

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this article is about how Reebok is in a lawsuit with Nike about Tebow shirts and Nike won. The article was effective in convincing us their fact claims were true and I am left with no doubt that what they say is happening actually is happening, but they left a lot out. For this, I think their main argument was slightly debunked. They did not include much information in their article and I was left wondering what exactly was happening. I got the feeling that it was an ongoing event and this was just an update, because they didn't fill the readers in on everything that was ha[ppening. It isn't that the article isn't detailed, it just doesn't include most of the most vital information and the reader has to infer what is going on and why. This is probably ineffective argumentation because of this. Otherwise, they made great use of fact claims and even a little with appeals to emotions. Interesting type of article.

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