Response to 'Killing Us Softly 3'

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I feel that media definitely plays a major role in altering the images of women and distorting women's view of themselves, and I think the points that were made in 'Killing Us Softly 3' were very strong and made one really think about what the media is doing to our society.

I think what shocking was how teenagers have been hypersexualized. I wasn't surprised, per se, to see all the different examples of how younger and young adults and teens are being used as sex objects, but I was more surprised at how it's become common for that sort of stuff to be in the media and on magazine covers.

I can think most specifically of the Justin Beiber fan craze, although he isn't a women, he was still used as a sex symbol from the time he was only 13 years old, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Also how she talked about how men are expected to be masculine, and how masculinity is always portrayed in some way as being involved with violence, I found that to be another thing I often over looked and took as common nature. The media is constantly influencing culture, so if you grow up within this media consumed time, you're more likely to take it all at face value and think that it's all how it's supposed to be.

-Jenna Peneueta-Snyder

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