South Los Angeles: A Changed Community (4.25.12)

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After finding this article that discusses the South LA community I recalled that it can be related to "The Garden", a film about the community garden in LA that we watched earlier this week. Both talk of how the community has changed. "The Garden" speaks of how the community garden created value, worth, success, passion, and a sense of belonging in the people of the community. The article talks on how the racial demographics of the community has gone from "you buy, we fry" fish markets catering to Southern palates [that] have been replaced by Mexican mariscos and Salvadoran pupuserias. In the historic jazz corridor, where music legends once stayed when they were barred from wealthy white neighborhoods in the city, botanicas sell folk and herbal remedies from Latin America."
The change occurred right after the riots that gave way to the creation of the community garden and the "this is a huge, pivotal shift...It changes the whole sense of the neighborhood." This coming from Raphael J. Sonenshein, executive director at the Pat Brown Institute at California State University, Los Angeles, who has studied racial politics in Los Angeles for decades giving me the understanding that this really is a huge shift. Sonenshein has been accredited to notice these shifts and I am in agreement with him.
The idea that Y happens because of X is presented in the statement "there's not a great sense of community, people stay in their own worlds until there is some crisis to bring them together...It happens with every group. Mexicans say things only to other Mexicans, blacks to blacks." People of different races only speak to one another if crisis occurs. Why this separation? And the empty promises to rebuild what the riots destroyed in the community have yet to be kept; is that the cause?

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