Success in Ghana for Millennium Challenge Corporation

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The U.S. government's Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) funded the construction of a stretch of highway in Ghana. By people in Ghana and the US alike, it is seen as an act of goodwill, as well as an excellent use of foreign aid to improve the lives of people in Ghana. As the country's largest work project in decades, the highway is expected to facilitate "[...] greater trade and commerce, which Ghanaians have long asked for to generate the kind of sustainable economic growth that will eliminate the need for foreign aid in the future." It also improves educational and professional opportunities for this country with 28.5 percent of its population in poverty; the highway will provide greater access to the cities/locations hosting these opportunities.

What is very evident in this article is the ethos boost to the US government. The positive response from both US citizens and citizens of Ghana shows how beneficial foreign aid can be when used in this way. I am supportive of these types of projects because it is an improvement to a country in need, but it also is a step to facilitating their way out of their dire economic situation. As the article mentions, Ghana needs to be self-sufficient if they are to escape poverty (highlighting a logos-based argument). This article also employs pathos when describing the reactions of the joyful Ghana citizens.

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