430: 'Avengers' is fanboy heaven, but it's also more

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This article was written for the Star Tribune, it is a movie review. The article argues that this movie is more than what it seems, and is therefore a good movie to go see. The athuor is trying to persuade the reader that this movie is good, he says "...a film that is exultant summer entertainment. For superhero fans, this is heaven without having to die and go there.' I think that he targeting 'superhero fans' with the sentence, but it is building credibility by saying that they are really really going to love so you will at least love it. The author even writes, "This film is stylish, intelligent and, one hopes, influential on the next generation of superhero movies; it should leave a lasting legacy." He doesn't offer much logos to support these claims, but I think his main argument is go see this film and then you will see the support for my argument. I think he is trying to draw on the pathos of the reader by trying to get them excitied by using words like, 'heaven', 'impeccable design sense', 'spectacular stunt technology'. He is building ethos by mentioning Marvel, and the writer/director Joss Whedon. Overall I think that this argument was effective even though it lacked some things to be a strong argument.
-Alex Mountain

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The big benefits of the movie are: the good game of the actors, the wit of the heroes and the spectacular action. Service

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