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This is an opinion piece in the Minnesota Daily by column writer Cassandra Sundaram. In this article, the author responds to the video put out by University of Wisconsin-Madison's Dean of Students regarding Mifflin Block Party. In the video, the Dean repetitively urges students to not attend Mifflin for various safety reasons. Sundaram argues that this video approached the problem in the wrong way.

Throughout the article, the author compares Mifflin to Spring Jam, demonstrating that Mifflin is just as important a tradition to WI as Spring Jam is to MN. She explains MN administrators' responses to the riots of 2009 and their lack of disciplining action to illustrate how WI administrators should approach the problem, The most compelling argument within the article, which as a college student I could understand and relate to, was that flat out telling young adults not to do something has the reverse effect of making them more excited to do it.

I think the author missed out on an opportunity to do more than just criticize the Dean's action but to also offer a solution. Since she was already comparing Spring Jam and Mifflin, she could have argued that in order to keep the event under control, they should make it a college sponsored event as the U of M did with Spring Jam which used to be a neighborhood party sponsored by various businesses around campus.


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