The Los Angeles Coliseum Continues to lose money (Alex Davis)

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The Los Angeles Coliseum has continuously been losing money since 2009. The coliseum was first made for Word War 1 veterans, but now it is the home to the University of Southern California. USC uses the coliseum for the home of their football team. The Trojans have been wanting to take over full control of the facility but they haven't had the luck. The coliseum has lost $7 million since 2009, and they continue to decrease. The claim made by the auditor is that the loss is because of 15 year old girl named Sasha Rodriguez who died at rave held by the coliseum do to an overdose. With the rapid loss of money there has been talk of them wanting to hand over the coliseum to USC by June. The problem is that the State does not have to approve of the coliseum being given to USC at any time. They can take as long as they need to make sure the deal goes accordingly. (Alex Davis)

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