9/12 Blog: Is Google Making Us Stupid?

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Reading through Nicholas Carr's "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" immediately made me think, "No, it's not." A lot of people take Google for granted, when in reality, it's a great tool. Google and the Internet itself is a form of communication to find out information faster than before. For instance, while I would be in class a few years ago without a smart phone, I wouldn't become aware of certain news happening in the world until I got home later in the evening. In today's world, I can just go to a news app/website, or Twitter and find out immediately. In this sense, I do like having the world at my fingertips and knowing what is going on. However, I do agree with Carr and think there is a certain extent where the Internet draws the line. Never has a communications system played so many roles in our lives--or exerted such broad influence over our thoughts--as the Internet does today.

A recently published study of online research habits, conducted by scholars from University College London found that people with access to journal articles, e-books and other sources of written information were using these sites and performing "a form of skimming activity." I agree with Carr's point on this and the study made because I have found myself skimming through articles before. I am aware it's a bad habit, and I try my best not to do it. This is why I don't purchase e-books, and prefer to buy the actual textbook. When I have the actual textbook in my hand, I actually read it, highlight important points, write notes, and actually process the information to my brain. Another distraction on the Internet is all of the advertisements and the bouncing back and forth between different sites. I believe activities like such truly diminish the learning, thought and creative processes. However, I do believe the Internet is a very powerful and helpful tool if you use it to your advantage, but also correctly.

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