9/17 Blog & Discussion Question: Literacy Debate: Online R U Really Reading.

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Rich Motoko's "Literacy Debate: Online R U Really Reading?" provided me with very insightful information from both good and bad sides regarding the Internet creating a new kind of reading. The article made me think back to my teenage years and if I could relate to Nadia, who didn't really like reading books, or if I actually read books as a teenager. The fact is, I did read books as a teenager. I wasn't your typical "book worm" per say, but I did enjoy a good book here and there. Certainly, there are factors that influenced this decision. First, I did not have my own laptop as a teenager. Instead, we had one computer for the entire family (my mom, dad and I). I had both time and website restrictions on the computer. Secondly, my parents were and still are the type of parents that push me to read more books, and I am very thankful for that.

Personally, I have different reasons than Nadia when using the Internet. They include checking my e-mail, and reading the news. I love reading the news on the Internet; I find it to be more convenient and a cheaper route. In today's world, e-books are offered whether it's for school or leisure reading. I am proud to say that I have never purchased an e-book and most likely never will in my lifetime. Sure, it is cheaper, but I know I wouldn't truly grasp the content if I were reading it on an iPad, computer, or Kindle. I know myself, and I know I don't have the attention span to read a book electronically. I am old fashioned in the sense where I love to buy, hold, read and smell the actual book. This argument aligns with Motoko's point about the differences in reading in print versus reading on the Internet.

Discussion Question: Overall, I do find the Internet to be useful in different ways such as e-mail, networking, research and reading news. In which ways do you find the Internet to be useful? Not useful? Do you believe the benefits of Internet reading outweigh the disadvantages? Do you think reading books is an important activity that should still be stressed upon today's generation of children and teenagers outside of school? Why or why not? Do you agree or disagree with Konyk, and believe reading books expands the thought process and imagination?

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