9/17 Blog: Online, r u really reading?

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Rich Motoko struck my attention very fast in his "Online, r u really reading?" article. This article was very interesting to me because I found my self relating to different points he makes thorough the article. He talks about Nadia, a 15 year old girl who seems to be very much addicted to the internet. He writes that she spends several hours a day online reading, writing and chatting with friends. What I find most interesting is the time difference between me and Nadia, and i'll explain.

Nadia was 15 back in 2008, I would have been right around 15 as well, but whats different and similar is the lifestyles from her age back in 2008 to my age now. Back in 2008 I would have been on the internet but not for school, not for reading but for more so the games and the videos, I loved the internet and still do, but with age I feel came the want and need to start reading articles and stories. I was young, only reading books because of school and because I wanted decent grades, Nadia was reading for her entertainment and as her fun. To me this is great, she wanted to better herself with knowledge, now it may not be Shakespeare she is reading but at least she is reading something. I feel that when it comes to reading, online or books, the main point is that you get through the whole thing and you obtain knowledge from it.

As I look back now, I wish I would have done more reading. If I would of read more books or more articles online I would be a stronger reader and have more knowledge. I feel this reading that Nadia was doing could only better herself, it is stimulating the brain and creating a larger knowledge for her. Like I said before, it may be stories for her entertainment but it is getting the brain going and it is also getting her thinking.

The internet has made me a better reader to this day because I am reading things and obtaining knowledge. I feel the more you read the stronger your knowledge is so I do not agree that the internet is bad for you. It may have changed the way we read, but it could be worse and if I could take a guess, I bet Nadia to this day is doing pretty well in the reading field.

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