9/17 Discussion Question: Defining Media Literacy

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James Potter's "Defining Media Literacy" immediately caught my attention with its opening paragraph. I really liked how he said that we can be much more media literate. It was encouraging to read how there is considerable room for improvement. Potter talks about three important components: reading literacy, visual literacy, and computer literacy, in which you need all three to be media literate. All three components are useful when building a knowledge structure. He also speaks about the importance of information. He also speaks about the importance of information and skills, and states that the more knowledge structures you have, the more an individual can decide which factors from the media he/she can accept or challenge. Which one do you believe plays a larger role when interpreting the media: Having a high level of media literacy, or an individual's personal values and beliefs? Why? If more, or none of the above, what other factor(s) do you think play a role when interpreting the media?

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