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In the article "Holy Commodity Fetish Batman!: The Political Economy of a Commercial Intertext", Eileen Meehan explores the marketing techniques that transformed a blockbuster movie into a powerhouse. I really thought this was an important and interesting article to read. It brought to light the ingenuity of Warner Communications Inc. and showed and showed how their tactics would change the marketing of movies for years to come.

Some of the ideas behind marketing Batman were completely revolutionary. They capitalized on the hype and success of the movie through branding. There are a few very good examples of this. One was through products in stores. Batman had a logo on pretty much every product, from costumes and toys to displays and food. By doing this, fans had another way to connect to the film and the company had another way to generate revenue. The second tactic that was interesting to me was the use of the the well-respected musician Prince in the soundtrack. This not only attracted fans of Prince to the movie but increased the sale of the soundtrack itself. These ideas combined amassed millions of dollars for the studio.

I have to admit that I have bought into branding several times before. It was much more likely when I was younger however. I remember that I used to love the show Gargoyles. I would watch it all the time and when I heard they came out with pajamas that came equipped with removable wings and a mask, I had to have them. I also used to always get soundtracks to the Disney movies I liked. More recently I went to see a movie just because an artist I liked did the soundtrack. It was Tron and Daft Punk was featured in it. The movie didn't look too good but because I was fan of his work, I went to see it. I believe my experiences are shared by many people and it is a marketing tactic that proves to work well.

Discussion Question: Do you believe that the influence of technology has changed the type products being marketed? Has it created more sales of media products rather than things such as toys?

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