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This article gave some interesting insight into the Batman franchise. I'll admit, I wasn't too taken by the article until the last section.

Meehan writes, "Yet, although that campaign's primary purpose is to earn revenues and decrease production costs, it also "sells" ideologies-visions of the good, the true, the beautiful. Herein lies the contradiction of capitalist media: to understand our mass media, we must be able to understand them as always and simultaneously text and commodity, intertext and product line" (Meehan 61-62).

To think of everything in media as a product of some man in a suit trying to make a profit is a little sad, but unfortunately, I think I agree. Why would anyone work so hard to make an awesome product without getting paid for their work. However, I'm wondering if this theory applies to all types of media. Does every newspaper or novel writer write with the sole purpose to make something that will sell well? Do TV news reporters write only with ratings and money in mind? Is money really what drives the content of all of the media we digest on a daily basis???

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