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In the second section of the Batman article, Financing Recovery: Recycling, I found it to be pretty interesting. I felt like after reading this part of the article that I was getting ripped off for the purchases I have been making, especially on iTunes. I have purchased so many music videos and movies and tv shows, and now I can see the similarity in all of them and I wonder why I was so easily fooled and never took time to recognize the repeating parts in each one. It also made me feel like the "Show Business" industry isn't even about "entertaining." Obviously, that is what it does, and it is good at doing it. I feel like now I don't even want to go spend money on the movies and music and other things because the show isn't just about entertainment, it is about how much money Time-Warner can save/make by reusing things. Should I be mad and upset at that? Is that like getting mad at seeing someone re-use a water bottle? I guess I just feel like entertainment to me seems less genuine then before and I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way.

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