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This article isn't very new to me because I've noticed that many sitcoms involve the 'buffoon' husband and common sense wife. This template for sitcoms has apparently worked over the last forty years because media producers have used it over and over. This is partially to reduce risk because it has been proven to be popular. The article gives examples of the men from show like the Simpsons, the Flintstones, All in the Family and the Honeymooners. But even though the author, Richard Butsch, only gives examples from the 50's-90's he talks about how the number of sitcoms are declining and more reality TV shows are popping up. I think there are more sitcoms now than there has been in quite a while. Shows like Modern Family, Family Guy, the Middle, and the Office all are examples of types of sitcoms. All of those excluding the office are family centered and include a male middle class buffoon. Reality shows are going up because of the success they've had recently but along with that sitcoms are extremely popular with a huge audience.

My discussion question is this: Although there are many sitcoms that have began airing recently including buffoons, do you think that these shows have a different audience and 'taste' than those from the 50's - 90's ? Many of the sitcoms these days are focused on comedic awkward situations within the family and neighbors unlike the sitcoms of generations past which focused on wife/husband humor.

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