Blog and Discussion Questions "Holy Commodity Batman!"

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I found this article to be the most interesting one we have read so far. Before I never really looked to much into this type of situation but after reading and finding out what Warren Communications did to market the batman movie and create a lot more revenue I became really intrigued. The sheer genius that went into all the research prior the the Batman movie was simply amazing. By researching and installing different tactics to a variety of different markets WCI maximized their target markets and revenue.

One of the most interesting parts of the article was when they were talking about using Prince for the soundtrack. Before I never would of guessed why they did it I would of just thought they did because he was a popular musician at the time. What I didnt realize is how they used him to target vastly different demographics of potential movie-goers. By using him in the movie they had tapped into the female population as well as the African-American population because of the "Batdance" song. Overall, WCI did a remarkable job maximizing their revenue from the movie, music, apparel, comics, and much more.

Discussion Question: WCI did all of this back in the 1980s when technology was not nearly what it is today. With that said what are some of the ways companies maximize their target markets now when they are creating new products like movies, tv shows, etc.?

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