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After reading through the chapters assigned a lot of things stood out to me that made me understand and realize the encoding and decoding in the articles. In one article I found interesting, the main point was on the view of pornography. Everyone has there own views, it is degrading, it's bad for you, it goes against religion. Some people are for it arguing that people have their own choices in life and they should be allowed to do what they want. I truly believe that porn is hurtful to any sex, male and female. It is not just women in the industry, and like they said in the article, there are more gay relations in pornography now. People need to understand that it is a hurtful, and in a lot of peoples views, degrading business. But what I feel now has changed is we are being shown these things through different sources now, not just pornography. Movies which are rated R are starting to have more detailed sex scenes as well more nudity. And now to my biggest things is books, the hit seller that just came out is 50 shades of grey and that book is all about sex, it speaks of SM in it, a girl is signing a contract in it for sex. It is not just pornography that is putting out this bad look. It is everything now, teenagers are reading 50 shades of grey, and its not like teenagers aren't watching pornography but it still shows that there are multiple things in peoples lives that show this abuse or degrading acts. Not just pornography.

DQ: Do you think this sexual view of women should just be stopped at pornography? This article talks about the sexual abuse, and how the way pornography portrays the women in a bad way, but now movies these days are doing the same things, maybe less exposure but it still has affects on people. Also books like 50 shades of grey, it is very detailed and sexual. Do you think we will be able to stop this view of women with all these things out there portraying them as just sex symbols?

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