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This article reminds me of every single time a new genre of music comes out. You have two different sides of the argument. The people who have taken in the new music and actually enjoy it and the other side of people who blame it on the problems in the youth. Of course there are plenty of ways you can go after that, for example, Tricia Rose's point of view. Personally I can not stand articles like these because they take a point of view and are strongly biased about it. The reason why I found her article to be an irrelevant argument is because of the artists she mentioned where the violence and discrimination was happening. Public Enemy and Ice Cube (will include N.W.A. since he was a member of the group) were very violent musicians back in the early 1990s when this came out. With songs like F*** the Police it was no wonder why there was extra security at all these events. It would be extremely dumb not to get extra help for concerts with those kinds of songs whether they are Black or White musicians. Also, I think that this article is extremely outdated for our times.

Discussion Question: Clearly the author of this article felt there was a social prejudice against fans of rap music in the early 90s, What type of genre do you think causes this kind of riff now?

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