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I found the article "Misguided, Dangerous and Wrong" to be very interesting. As a modest woman, I am not a huge supporter of pornography but I do not think it should go out of circulation because it can be offensive. This article has changed my perception on pornography through how it might show violence to women and how it shows women being abused.

One argument against pornography is that is it promotes violence towards women. The author brings up the point that mass media can be just as violent as a pornographic movie. An example of this is the movie, Hills Have Eyes 2. In this movie, there is a scene of woman getting raped by a disfigured man as she is screaming and shown being tied down and becoming bloody. I would say this is more violent than the typical porn that is produced in porno movies.

Later in the article, the author describes how one woman views a pornographic movie as a "photographic record of a women being abused." Abuse is involves force or power over someone in most cases, in a pornographic movie, the actress has agreed to be in the movie so it is therefore not abuse. Also these supposed scenes could also include some type of special effects or appear to be real but in actuality are fake. All media is out to change the way we view the world, why should pornography be any different.

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