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I personally think this article, and series of articles read for this class period are super interesting. I think Nicholas Carr brings up very good points, and really made me analyze how I go about reading or viewing things. His argument is that our minds have great plasticity and are able to be shaped and molded. This means that within his argument he believes we lose concentration, the ability to delve deeply into a text, and even the ability to ponder a text. I think in some aspects this is very true. I know for me, with everything being so fast-paced I often find myself skimming articles or not really paying attention to what I was reading. The main thing I got out of what he was saying is that we are losing skills - we are slowly digressing with the age of the Internet. Yes, that might be true, but what if it is just our skills evolving in a way that is to keep up with this fast-paced environment?
As of yet, we have not been able to fully predict the consequences on what the digital media is doing to our society, but I think it is intriguing to look at it at a different angle. Instead of losing all of our skills and processes that are considered "normal", I think we might just be adapting and adding new skills. There are so many new options when it comes to the Web, and I think we are not substituting or getting rid of, but rather switching it up and figuring out a way to keep up. We are developing a new set of skills.

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