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As television is affecting the world, they still portray what the typical family would prefer not to have, the working class buffoon father. Like in the article that Butsch writes about the multiple shows that portray the father niche as the "buffoon." The show I am most familiar with is The Simpsons, and America seems to continue to portray this. This may be perhaps its portrayal of what the majority of society has become and a somewhat slap in the face as to what can be turned around. As more women have increasingly started to have more graduate degrees, even run for the president and other high congressional positions, the role of dominance may be changing and the US is trying to show this through Television shows. We as a typical American family assume the wife usually with not have a job and just be a housewife, and the father supports the family only on his incomes, makes the family decisions and overall is the leader of the group. These shows not only do the opposite but more shows have developed to become like this. My favorite in particular is Family Guy.

I actually wrote my autobiographical paper on Family Guy and the reason I love the show is the humor mostly based on the buffoon father, Peter Griffin. I stated that the show influenced me to never become like this family, it showed me that Peter is actually not a "family guy" and a father hopefully none would become. Butsch quotes someone saying that these shows are mostly based upon "the media culture." It has become culture to us to expect these more so realistic shows. (that may be a bit exaggerated but is what society is becoming more of) With the multiple references that Butsch gives such as King of the Hill, King of Queens, and the new Cosby Show, we can see how much it is increasing, with show advertising, and ratings increasing. Perhaps this has all happened because people are more accepting to the fact of reality that the father role is a working class buffoon, rather than a rich smart perfect doctor.

DQ- If in these shows the working class buffoon father figure is so acceptable and humorous, when would it ever be in real life? Once in my psych class, we went over switched roles of wives working and fathers staying home, and as history repeats itself, when can this ever be acceptable? I personally would want my husband to be smarter and more rich than I.

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