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The article on Stuart Hall's Encoding/Decoding allowed me it to link to some information I learned in my other classes. When we first think about communication, we think about a message and a reply and this is what encoding and decoding exactly means, but to be more specific, it means to correctly understand what that message meant to be able to give a reply back. I think a really large controversy here is art. Many art pieces are created to give off a message, or at least portray its title, yet the decoder can sometimes never pinpoint it. Art is especially a tricky one, because it can have so much opinion, feeling and emotion in it, a decoder may not be able to decode the message the artist was trying to portray.
Another field, such as advertising will usually have a very clear message, probably something that uplifts their product or service so the decoder can see how great it is and be convinced. Advertisements can be a form of convincing encoding, whereas art is just a story telling encoding. I personally like art myself and that is why I decided to mention this controversy. Till this day sometimes when I look at an art piece, I wish the message can be more easily encoded. Such a beautiful piece needs to have some meaning behind it..

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