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To start off, we can all relate to this article. At some age in time I'm sure we're all anted computers/ smart phones to be able to do what we are doing today, I mean this blog itself is the perfect example. We write our blog entries on opinions, questions, and just comments we have about many articles we have read online. We are able to respond to or answer someone elses' discussion question. The web literacy is a form a communication with a conversation. Why yes, we can do this with print and ink, but may take hours, days or maybe even years to publish. The web is an amount of seconds, depending on your wpm that is.
We do get some form of reading down, and I actually learn many new words online, through the simple click of a button, I can look it up on the online dictionary. Whereas I may be lazy to care less about an unknown word to actually look it up in a dictionary, or maybe take some time to turn on my laptop, wait for the wifi connection and then look it up. Literacy online is quick and easy to access. We can easily find something we may be looking for by using a search machine, or using Cntrl+F for something specifically on a page, we can never do that for book and ink. The vast selection of reading on the web is also positive. I however do think that books should never go out of existence; it is a reminder of our publishing days, the dog eared bookmarks, the smell of old paper and simply being able to write notes on it with our own handwriting.
As children may be using the web as more resources, I feel that they may do so but always still should keep books in their bookbags. Some articles/ other interactive programs online maybe more fun (and like I said easy to access) but at their growing age should be used in moderation until they learn how to handle media/ web literacy.

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