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Nicholas Carr's work "Is Google Making Us Stupid" is an interesting
take on the way the internet is affecting our lives. Carr argues that
he, as well as other people, are starting to think differently than
did in the past due to the simplicity of the Internet. He says that
reading in the past was always easy for him and he could do it
continuously. However, after years of using the internet it has become
much more difficult. One of his reasons behind this is that his mind
expects information to be easy to receive and easy to process just
like how it is presented on the internet. Some of his friends share
his perspective as well. They said that it is hard for them to stay
focused on a long article without being distracted.
This article really hits home with me. It was hard for me to get
through the entire article without checking my phone or computer. In
fact, while I have been writing this blog I have checked up on ESPN,
which is another tab I have open. This really leads me to believe that
the internet has changed the way we think. Like Carr, I used to be
able to read all day. I used to love it. Now I can't even read a book
for more than an hour without getting bored. The only aspect I don't
agree with in this article is the title. I personally don't think
Google or the Internet is making us more stupid. It is just making us
more impatient. If anything the Internet is making us smarter. We are
exposed to more information than ever before which could be good or
bad depending on the content.

Do you think we will move towards an all electronic based library in
the future or will there always be a place for paper media?

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