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I found the article "Defining Media Literacy" by James W. Potter to be very thought-provoking. It really made me examine my level of media literacy and even inspired me to work towards achieving a high level of media literacy. I thought his definition of Media Literacy was fair and just and I especially liked when Potter used the metaphor of wanting to "learn about the earth". He listed off several examples of how one could go about studying the earth, i.e. building a 100-foot tall tower, climbing up it, and using that as a perspective to study the earth. He then stated "The key to understanding the Earth is to build lots of these towers so you can have many different perspectives in order to enlarge your understanding about what the earth is." I thought that this was a powerful example of how it's important to broaden your knowledge and build "towers" of knowledge in order to be able to effectively interpret and analyze media.
Another part of the article that I found interesting and important was when Potter talks about the role that experience plays in how we interpret and analyze media messages. I feel like we can all personally relate to this. I for one, can relate to a lot of movies about family, relationships and friendships because I have had various long lasting relationships and friendships and can thus identify with a great amount of movies that portray similar experiences. I cannot, however identify as strongly with the sport of football. I know the rules and understand the foundations of the game but I have never played on an organized team, or even "for fun" for that matter, and therefore football does not resonate with me as much.

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