Blog for 9/17 on Literacy debate: Online, r u really reading?

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It is very clear that children growing up in today's society must be able to use the computer. On a daily basis, a person receives a lot from various media resources, especially the internet. Some people prefer reading on the internet while others prefer reading a book. I never realized just how much of a debate there is about reading printed material or reading online.

Although I am a big supporter of the internet, I do not enjoy reading online. If a professor assigns a reading that can be found online, I usually print the article. Something about having the article right in front on me so I can write on it and highlight sentences makes it easier for me to comprehend. While reading online, I feel distracted and loose my place easily on the page or want to go to another website. I do not understand how people are able to comfortable read online without being distracted.

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