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After reading through the article, it's reply, and the author's response to that reply, I've come to the understanding that the media has definitely changed how we work. Whether it is how we read or how we write, the way in which we comprehend knowledge has definitely changed since the internet came into play. The research process has become easier, but has it also hindered our ability to retain information? With the information so right at our fingertips, we don't have to hold onto it. We can simply type any question into the search bar and find what we were looking for. I guess my question is, is it affecting our actual capacity for knowledge?

I do agree with the response to the original article in the sense that I think the author may be overreacting or looking into things a bit too far. I don't necessarily think that our entire culture has changed because of the internet. He did not take into account all of the other factors that have changed in the past 50 or even 10 years. Those things totally come into play when considering changes within human behavior.

As I was reading through these articles, the main thought that came to my mind was about our capacity for knowledge. Either it has gotten smaller, we can't retain it as long, it takes us longer to make these memories and connections, OR we have just gotten lazy. And the example I came up with for this was basic math. Think about it. You're in a final exam for some science or even regular math class, and you're moving quickly over the questions when a problem requiring you to use the square root of 169. What do you immediately do? Chances are, reach for your calculator. If not..well, that's what I would do. The answer is easy enough. It's 13. A solid number. But without thinking, you go to your calculator. If not right away, maybe just to make sure you're right. We do these things without thinking. Don't know the answer to a math problem? Calculator. Have a question about anything else? Google. We don't even have to try and remember things because these resources are literally in our pocket, with the use of smart phones.

So, as I stated before, I guess my question is that, is the media really affecting our culture and how we read? Or is it also affecting how we retain knowledge or our ability to retain knowledge overall? Or, to go along with that, maybe we're just completely lazy now?

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