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This reading has been a topic of discussion in several of my classes both this semester and past semesters. It's a topic that not a lot of people think about unless prompted, but I think it's really important to think about and analyze as media helps to cultivate our worldview. Today's sitcoms are not much different than they were in the past and I thought Butsch did a good job of explaining why. I thought Butsch's statement about why representations of the working class man have been so consistent over the years, to be a very good summation. He stated, "The prevalence of such views of working-class men well illustrates ideological hegemony, the dominance of values in mainstream culture that justify and help to maintain the status quo." I don't think our values have changed very much over the years and stereotypes about class have also stayed the same.
This article reminded me a lot about the challenges that novelists often face when trying to produce new work. The anxiety or 'writer's block' that author's feel and experience when attempting to write a piece that is both unique and original is the same anxiety that media producers feel about creating new media content, only different. I found it interesting how much Butsch stressed the idea of network executives need to avoid risk when choosing programs. Instead of taking a risk and branching out into the unknown they continue to stay with what works and choose programs that have the same representations of class and race, gender, etc. I think there is something to say, however, about risks that have produced success, such as reality television. Nothing has ever been achieved without a substantial amount of risk, and I think that with reality tv, a young genre of television, seeing the success that it's seeing, networks are being forced to take on a greater risk to evolve with the fast changes in popular culture and mass media.

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