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The articles that we were assigned to read for this week seem to carry the same underlying theme of encoding and decoding the message of the advertisement or the intent of the type of media.

While reading the Seiter article I found it interesting she questioned whether ads like the Johnson ad, are intentionally only using blonde hair blued-eyed babies as the focus of their ads for some sort of power-play, or could it be that's how the brad remains identifiable, through the use of the same type of marketing techniques.

Rubin's article highlighted the dangers perceived from the consumption of pornography and the behaviors associated with SM. She eludes that being exposed to certain types of media such as this creates adverse effects on the individuals who consume it. But is it the intent of the porn industry to create these violent and angry images that Rubin is claiming that we perceive as violent and angry. Or is the pornography industry just trying to provide entertainment to a specific demographic who has a particular interest/fetish in SM without any sort of bad intention?

Rose's article mention the fear perceived by the white community from the political stance of rap's powerful political stance and influence. Is the way that these messages are sent out that creates the fear or is the fear born out of the messages produce from the rap music? I immediately though example of this circumstance, 1988 the song F*** Da Police by NWA that caused a sensation throughout the black and white communities with the underlying sense of violence and racism attached to the titles of the song, it was later explained that violent acts towards cops or an underlying sense of racism was not what the message of song was really about.

Dine's article compared and contrasted the differences between the pornography industry and their influences and appeals to society. It was explained that pornography is seen to be palatable if it is view in a soft-core form, because it's associated with high class-- seeing as it's tastefully done, ex. Marilyn Monroe in the first spread of Playboy and the lifestyle articles. But if they intent of the pornography become too distasteful then it's seen as low class, ex: magazines such as Hustler. I find it interesting that the perception whether of pornography is accepted in our society stems from how society perceives its intended purpose.

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