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As I read through the articles for today's discussion, the one that really stuck out to me was "Misguided, Dangerous, and Wrong." As a young woman who holds herself to a certain standard, I've always seen pornography and the porn industry as being wrong. I have always seen intercourse as something that is supposed to remain intimate between two people and have, quite frankly, been quite disgusted with some of the things in the media (including the porn industry today). To me, it's always been a questions of morals and moral issues, though. It has not been about what the industry itself is saying about women and this, so called, intimacy shown in porn. I always thought that these women that performed in these films were wrong in themselves. That there was something morally wrong about them and that they had it wrong. It was their decision to act a certain way and they had complete control over what they were doing regarding the film. As I read through the article, however, I found myself taking a bit of a different stance on the issue of porn. Reading through the article, I found myself sort of taking the side of these women. It became less of an issue of their own moral identities and more about how the system has driven them into such a field. Many of these women come from underprivileged backgrounds and are not given a good example of how they should be intimate with another person or how they should use themselves and their minds to get into a career to support themselves. They don't seem to know much else other than to use their body to make some sort of money. On top of that, once they begin filming and being a part of this video making process, they're exploited like no other. They are violated and taken advantage of to the fullest extent with no regards to them as human beings. And the images that they are often forced to film surely do not help the idea that men have power over women, especially those in the porn industry. It's one of the most degrading things that I personally believe a woman can do or choose to do. I guess this article gave me new eyes to see women in porn and to sympathize with them rather than point fingers and criticize them for the ways in which they're leading their lives. Yes, to an extent it is the woman's choice whether or not to be in a porno, but they are often times fully taken advantage of once they agree to be in the video.

Overall, I found this article very interesting in the sense that it gave me a new way to look at the porn industry and see just how patriarchal our society really is. I guess my question for discussion this week is: Do you think that, if the tables were turned, and MEN were in the position that women are in (within the porn industry) today, would we be having a difference discussion? Would people put up more of a fight? Because this type of exploitation has become okay..since it's women. Would it be different if roles were reversed and men were being taken advantage of?

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