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This article is about Batman, the company that owns Batman, and how Batman became such a big hit. The company, WCI, quickly figured out how to milk Batman for all its worth. While coming up with new material the company also "recycled" old material to create new products that sold well and made profits. The example given was when the company ripped the music from the films to make film soundtracks, something that is still done in a successful way today.

Batman was created a very long time ago, but the use of characters created by individuals is still done today. Are the creators of successful, popular characters comfortable with there characters being used to generate profits for huge companies? Does the public often know what the companies stand for? For example, if the company that owns a certain character donates money to pro-life organizations, would a fan who is pro-choice still be a fan of that character and still purchase paraphernalia? Do many fans of characters/shows/etc, do research into the companies that own them?

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