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I found these articles to be both relevant and interesting due to the recent popularity such arguments have had regarding technology and its impact on society. I found myself constantly jumping between the arguments of Nicholas Carr and Clay Shirky. Upon reading "Is Google Making Us Stupid?",I was drawn to Carr's idea that the internet changes the way we think and alters our mental habits. I thought he used significant evidence to back up his claim, he used credible sources and he backed up the evidence through self-reflexive, thought- provoking ideas.
However, while I find this article to be both relevant and interesting as a topic of discussion in today's society, I do not feel that I can fully relate to the issue of the internet changing the way I think. My reasoning is that I literally grew up with the internet and have nothing to compare it to. I have always had the option of both reading in print and reading on the web. If Carr's evidence is true and the internet alters the way our brain functions, than my brain has grown up thinking like a human search engine. I can relate to Carr in the sense that I too, have trouble keeping focus with long texts but it has always been that way for me (unless the text is of particular interest to me).
As I read Shirky's article "Why Abundance is Good: A Reply to Nick Carr", I found a lot of the counter arguments he made to Carr to be very compelling. He made some interesting points and a good attempt at debunking Nick Carr's credibility and logic. For example, I had initially thought that Shirky was onto something when he stated "But at the heart of "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" doesn't actually seem to be about thinking, or even reading, but culture". But after reading "Why Skepticism Is Good: My Reply to Clay Shirky" I realized that Carr really was trying to make his article more centered on the cognitive effects of the internet as opposed to the internet in regards to culture. Ultimately I do not think that Shirky was successful in his attempt to correct Nicholas Carr's intentions on his google article. Carr came right back and further explained his reasoning in a way that made Shirky's claims seem rather foolish.

-Ally Unger

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