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After reading the article, "Is Google Making Us Stupid?," I found the main point to be about how the internet is changing the way we receive and think about information. I agree with this point but I do not think it completely a negative thing as the article describes it. In today's world, people constantly encounter stimuli and we can certainly can not decode it all. Everyday people experience tons of information from various medias. One media people forget about that is the body, which is not an invention of technology. People receive an incredible amount of information through their five senses on a daily basic. Clearly the brain does not take in all of the stimuli a person experiences, it has to pick and choose.

As technology has advanced, people experience even more information overload. Unfortunately, this has made it harder for a person to make the decision of is this information important or not. Although the internet people has enabled people to access information more readily, they also have the opportunity to better decode the information they are receiving. The internet has helped people adapt to taking in more of the stimuli that are exposed to on a daily basis. An example would be if a person asked a question about math. If a person did not know the answer, they would probably look up the answer on the internet. I do not think there is any shame in looking up information on the internet that you only need for a short amount of time.In today's society, people only need to memorize information that is useful to them in their own personal lives.

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