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As I was reading this article I found it harder for me to take a certain stance on the different views. This article did a really good job of taking both the positive and negative stances to reading on the internet, and I liked that for a change. I feel like the past articles have been very one-way focused, so it was refreshing to read something different. Because this reading had both sides, I decided for this article I wanted to focus on all of the positives.
One thing that is positive about kids reading online is that most jobs are "digital-age" jobs, and will require a decently tech-savvy individual. This is pretty true. I don't think there are many jobs out there that do not require some kind of internet & technology background. Another positive that was pointed out was the ability of the youth to be able to understand the world and the way it works. As brought up in the article, things don't always go from A-Z in the world, they don't always go in order. So, because of the jumping from one web page to another, this helps young kids understand why the world doesn't always go in a certain way either. The one other positive that I liked was being able to read on topics and get many different point-of-views. I am a regular pleasure reader, but I have never really thought of what other people may have thought about the book, or what theme or lesson they learned, but I like that you can read about that online, that is pretty cool!

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