Blog Post: Ralph, Fred, Archie, and Homer.

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In the article Ralph, Fred, Archie, and Homer, Richard Butsch describes the way in which the working class man is portrayed in the media today. He uses the term "buffoon" to accurately describe this role. The dictionary definition of the word being "a ridiculous but amusing person, a clown", one can easily get a picture for what this means. In basic terms, middle and working class men are portrayed as being stupid, clumsy, goofy, and having no common sense. They are often shown as the person who works and put's the bread on the table, but other than that, is not really worth much. Sure, the character is dearly loved by cast mates, but is also shown up by most of them. One of the biggest things that he describes in the article is the image of the working man's wife as being not only gorgeous and successful, but also much more intelligent than he is. She is shown as the down-to-earth parent that understands what's going on and can work as well as keep things grounded around the house. A good example explained in the text is that of the show King of Queens. In this show, the audience is given that the couple (Doug and Cari) are a loving couple who often share in playful and joking banter. For a majority of the show, Cari is a successful business woman, while Doug works as a truck driver for a company much like UPS. So, Doug has the lesser paying job. But he is also shown to have less power over their house (her father lives with them). And she is shown as having most of the power. In general, Doug is made out to have little say and an even smaller backbone to stick up for himself. He has the least paying job of the two and is not taken very seriously at all. Overall, it seems as though our media shows these roles as completely opposite of the way that our society really works. In society today, women are NOT given the respect and held higher than men. That idea is entirely flipped in real life. So, other than the idea that it makes for good comedy (because the idea of a woman being more intelligent than a man is SIMPLY RIDICULOUS), the thought process does not make much sense. So, my question about all of this is: Why do we consider these roles to be so funny? Why do you think Americans enjoy watching this role reversal so much that they give good ratings to the shows with these stereotypes? And then, try to imagine what the media world will look like in 10 years. Will we still have the same ideas and shows showcasing them? If not, what will the change look like? Where else could we go from here?

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