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Given this change, the question we need to be asking isn't whether there is sacrifice; sacrifice is inevitable with serious change. The question we need to be asking is whether the sacrifice is worth it or, more importantly, what we can do to help make the sacrifice worth it. And the one strategy pretty much guaranteed not to improve anything is hoping that we'll somehow turn the clock back. This will fail, while neither resuscitating the past nor improving the future.

I thought this quote from Shirky was interesting because I agree with him on not being able to turn the clocks back. The age of books is declining ( I don't believe they will ever disappear entirely) but I think the way we research, read, and study, isnt a product of Google or what the internet is doing to us, it is just society in general. The world moves faster and faster everyday, with more people in a hurry trying to get done what they need to do and go where they need to go. Google is a product of our environment. An entrepreneur saw that society would enjoy having a search engine with everything at their finger tips because of the fast past lifestyle we all live. I don't believe Carr to be a Luddite and in his "Is Google making us stupid" article I think he brings up a large variety of good points; like the plasticity of the brain. I think Carr sees that there is and will have to be sacrifices made do to the internet and I think his article is just bringing it to the readers attention and allows them to be aware of what's going on. The first paragraph that talks about the ability of being able to read in-depth and concentrate on a book for a long period of time and how that ability is slipping away from many people I think is very interesting and it hit home for me in a big way. It was like he was speaking to me. And then at the end where he says "Be skeptical of my skepticism" I think that is a very important paragraph as well because he is essentially telling people like Shirky, maybe I am not entirely correct but something is going on. And if nothing else hopefully Carr's article inspires more of us to go back and pick up and book and try and do some reading because after all he is definitely correct about culture disappearing with books/reading.

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