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The literacy debate article was interesting for me because of all the examples that it used. There were multiple children that were discussed along with their internet and reading habits. I agree with a statement in the article that said the internet will help people when looking for digital age jobs. I believe the internet is just as educational if not more educational than traditional books. I think this because of the massive variety of information and sources out there on the net. The trouble lies in what the children and young adults are doing/reading on the internet. Very scholary articles can be found and read but most of the time it seems people are reading fun articles or chatting online, another strong point brought up in the article.

I think this article itself shows that the internet can bring you because within this article there were statements like "Critics of reading on the Internet say they see no evidence that increased Web activity improves reading achievement. 'What we are losing in this country and presumably around the world is the sustained, focused, linear attention developed by reading,'" but then there were other "research finding" that suggested otherwise. The country needs to find a way to strike a balance between the two of internet and book reading. Both are very beneficial and a must in learning.

Discussion question: A boy named Hunter fell in the lower 10% of his class for traditional reading skills yet the upper most quartile for online literacy. Do you think this is something worth measuring and discussing? I say yes because like in the article, being able to use the internet effectively will help children in the future get jobs because if the job market as well as the high technology oriented jobs. Even a lot of business's are "paperless" requiring a lot of online/computer work.

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For some reason I can't figure out how to write a regular blog post, so my discussion question is in this comment.

In the Literacy Debate article, the author mentions how kids these days have different preferences for reading. Some like to read books, others prefer reading lots of different things online. There was also the bit about how today's children don't like reading things that are in a "straight line". Some people think this is bad. Personally, I don't understand why. The whole "reading things in a straight line" part reminds me of when I was in middle school. In our media center there were these books called Goosebumps books. Some had a "create your own ending" function where at the bottom of the page you would decide if the character entered the dark room, went back to their nice safe home, etc. I felt that these books were very creative. Why can't kids use the internet like these books and be creative.

Also, if some people have such a problem with kids these days picking the internet over paper books, maybe something could be done about it in the kids' earlier lives. In the early elementary school years, teach them with/about books. Foster a love of books within the children. Pass on the tradition of cuddling up on a chair with a blanket with a thing made of paper with a cover on it. But keep in mind that what we teach children can only go so far. Eventually kids are going to make up their own minds about everything. I think a good thing to hope is that the children we raise are unique and comfortable with themselves, so that perhaps they won't go over the internet cliff with all of the other internet-loving lemmings.

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