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While reading through the Article "Fear of a Black Planet" I could not help but have questions and my own comments pop into my head. A large portion of this I did not agree with, although there are definitely things Tricia Rose talks about that I think are accurate. First off, I am a Caucasian 22 year old college student and the only music I listen to is rap. And all sorts for that matter, from the most "ghetto" and "hood" songs that rap about drugs, woman, and gang bangin' to music written by white college rappers who rap about trying to make it through college and still be famous. There is a massive collection of rap music out there that written by all different people in all different styles. I have been to a few rap concerts as well as a few other concerts. It irritates me that she talks about how this assault of rap music and the rap venue violence is related to America not liking blacks or not wanting their "influence". The fact is, a rap concert brings in thousands of young people (whether they are black or white) Many have potentially been drinking or on drugs, they are piled into a huge stuffy open area and scream and jump for hours. The fact that it may be a black rapper or mostly black guests at the venue is irrelevant. Depending on the artist and what they rap about in my eyes in the key and depicts the crowd that will come. And in most cases rap music attracts people that have the potential to be more rowdy or violent because of the portrayed lifestyle and activities these people hold valuable. I have been to a Bob Dylan concert two different times and Ill guarantee there is just as many security guards and measures in place at any rap concert, just as there would have been a Michael Jackson concert. If a concert was held and the band was famous and loved for singing songs about smoking meth, whether the singer and guests were black, blue, white, or gold, the guests that showed up to the venue would be questionable to say the least. The truth is no matter what large public venue you are at, precautions need to be taken and the security needs to be in place. Rose said she felt "Harassed and unwanted" because she had to be searched before the concert. In my opinion, I prefer everyone to be searched, the skin color is irrelevant, the truth is no one can be trusted nowadays with all the shootings and bombings.

I cant remember now if she named the concert she went to, I dont believe she said the artist. My question for her is has she thought about what the majority of rap talks about and speaks to the youth? Whether it's black or white youth. Yes, there is a very gentle and intellectual side to rap if you listen to the right style or artist but although I love rap myself, I have no trouble admitted a huge portion of it talks about illegal, unhealthy, and dangerous lifestyles that children should not idolize.

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