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I would say Butsch makes a very good point about what affects all the final decisions when deciding what type of sitcom or series to develop. The most obvious to me was the point she made about the networks and producers sticking to tried and true formulas in creating the new shows. When it boils down to it, it's all about money. And if they know something works to make money why would they change it?

As I read through the text, particularly the parts about the buffoons and blue-collar husbands, I couldn't help but see Peter from Family Guy the entire time; as all of his giggling, running about, and immature inappropriate jokes flashed through my mind. While I read through the author's explanations of why blue-collar buffoon worker is the man of the house, etc. I began to think of some other reasons I thought might contribute to it as well. And my question for Butsch would be what she thinks about the following: In Family Guy peter is the buffoon blue-collar worker husband. Viewers of this show obviously like the crude jokes that involve basically every common stereotype out there and a large portion of the time sexual references or jokes towards women. I just thought about this and how this is common in a lot of shows. Its not necessarily possible for the wife or woman in the show to be the buffoon because all the sexual gender biased jokes typically would be said by a male. There are obviously a lot of stereotypes about how women should act and I think as the producer of a show they will realize that a male character will be more likeable by viewers playing the buffoon role than a woman might be because people wouldn't want to a woman farting, swearing, and drinking beer at the bar with friends. A female character strongly limits the potential "jokes" to be said by the character.

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