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As I was reading the Racial Representation and Dreams article, I noticed that it stated the obvious. I am personally an asian person myself and don't mind any of this racial representation. It mentions the arguments that the advertisement thinks about the consumer race rate and I think that can be the strongest argument. If it is a product that mostly non colored people buy, it is most likely they would portray someone of that race using, servicing, enjoying, that product! And vice versa, if there is a product that mostly Hispanics may use, most likely they would portray that race on that advertisement. I mean I don't think there is any harm in that, but barely to maybe scare off those not of that race, but if it is a great product, it will sell. I'd like to turn it over to an opposite form of commercial, it is a P&G Olympics commercial, ( and they portray 4 different races and it is a beautiful commercial. I linked it to this article because it somewhat contradicts it. Like I had mentioned, they use the 4 different races mostly to try and give off the message like the theme of the Olympics, to bring this Wold together, (and in this case sports), but they use multiple races who they would like to portray, and choose the races accordingly to the the sport that the country most likely excels in. It is very interesting because like it being 4 different countries, they are alike in the sense of this theme of the commercial, A mother being there for them along the way. Although it is not a direct advertisement, P&G does not fail to throw in some of their brands' logos in the end, People affected by the comercial may support P&G more and actually buy their products more, (like myself..)
I just like how there are many different aspects to this commercial and linking it to this article. *might I mention they also did not fail to launch the same exact commercial (with subtitles) in many other different countries.. A greatttt indirect advertising method)

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