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I thought it was very interesting to read how Playboy has become what it is today. Growing up, I knew what the magazine was famous for but reading this article it's almost like the women aren't the main attraction for a lot of readers, it's more about supporting a certain image. While some people bought it for the centerfolds obviously, a lot of men bought it because they wanted to increase their status and pursue the dream of being a "playboy." Although I don't agree with his content, Hefner was smart to tap into the affluent male demographic because in the 50s and 60s the males were the ones making the money, rarely would a woman make a lot of money independently. However, I don't like that women are used for masturbatory purposes in these magazines or the internet nowadays (just about all the media too) like the article says.

It belittles the woman to an object that is useful for a shallow purpose and can be thrown away in the end. And I agree/disagree with Rubin's analysis that Porn is not the only problem in regards to women's rights but I think that porn and sexualization of women in the media factor largely in the degradation of women. So I guess I disagree with Rubin in that sense. But in no way is it a black or white issue cause there are many contributing factors.

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