Chapter 28 DQ

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I found "Misguided, Dangerous, and Wrong" (An Analysis of Anti-Pornography Politics) to be the most intriguing to me. One of the things that really stuck out at me is when Rubin, who makes a valid point, "The notion of harm embodied in the MacKinnon/Dworkin approach is based on a fundamental confusion between the content of an image and the conditions of its production." This can be true for not only pornography but also fight scenes, death, rape, etc. in movies & tv.

I guess my question could be taken as one to just think about, but it makes me wonder why there are groups out there who are so anti-porn. Why not focus on something you can do to actually HELP women who are ACTUALLY getting abused? Instead of just dogging on porn and spending hours on slide shows of "violence in porn," why not spend hours helping out those women who actually are victims of violence? Like Rubin, I'm not saying that girls in the porn industry have never been abused, but lets also keep in mind that not 100% of porn-stars are victims.

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